Association of Educational Federal Finance Administrators

May 10, 2006

Dear National Forum Attendee:

We hope that you are enjoying the Brustein & Manasevit 2006, 8th National Spring Forum.  We encourage you to consider the benefits of attending the annual meeting of the Association of Educational Federal Finance Administrators (AEFFA).  Michael Brustein and Kristen Tosh Cowan have been regular presenters at our meetings, always bringing good information on timely topics.  The 30th Annual AEFFA Conference will be hosted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and will be held the week of October 1, 2006, at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  This is a special anniversary year, which we will be honoring the founders of AEFFA.  We hope you will be able to join us and honor the people who started this organization.  This organization has grown from the founders to over 125 attendees at the annual conferences.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce our organization to you.  The AEFFA was organized 30 years ago by a group of peers from states throughout the country.  It is a group of individuals representing a majority of the states who get together once a year to share, present, and discuss issues that are of interest to federal finance administrators.  Topics range from No Child Left Behind, Vocational Education (Workforce Development), CMIA, audit resolution, federal financing reporting requirements, changes to OMB circulars, EDGAR interpretations, and many more.  It is similar to the content of the Brustein & Manasevit National Forums with presentations from many of the same individuals.  The purpose of the AEFFA is to provide professional development, research, collaboration, and interaction for educational federal financial administrators from state education agencies throughout the country.  Other benefits are networking and making good friends with people from other states who do the same work on a daily basis.

The AEFFA Board of Directors is currently made up of members (one each) from Montana, Florida, (two) from Michigan and (two) from North Carolina.  The office of president is rotated annually to the host state’s representative.  This year’s president is Paul LeSieur, who will host the conference in the beautiful State of North Carolina.  Paul, the Board of Directors, and various committees of the organization (Membership, Conference Planning, etc.) are working diligently to plan the very best meeting that will once again bring timely topics of great interest to all attendees.

We would like you to join a great group of people, with similar interests and vocations, who work every day to promote education and the proper and purposeful use of its funding.  Please take this opportunity to contact Paul at the following address to tell him of your interest in attending.  We will be providing you with the final details regarding registration.  For additional information please refer to the 2006 AEFFA Brochure or the AEFFA website beginning May 22, 2006 at the following address

Paul LeSieur
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Division of School Business
6334 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-6334
(919) 807-3700 (work)
(919) 807-3704 (fax)

We, the Board of Directors, look forward to meeting you in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

The Board of Directors of AEFFA


2006 Conference Registration

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